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Support, mentoring, guidance and community for the homeschooling parent.
New Version is an ALL ACCESS PASS to all video modules at a new LOW price!

As parents, we so often spend so much time and money trying to find the perfect curriculum or resources for our homeschool. What I've come to realize though is that WE are one of our homeschool's most valuable resources!

The Wonder School Mentorship is your opportunity to invest in yourself and your homeschool facilitator's journey. When I grow and learn in community and under mentorship my growth is exponential! I want to provide that mentorship and community for you in this season. Whether you are using a purchased curriculum, are enrolled in an online school, are piecing together various curriculums, are developing your own homeschool plans, are unschooling or any mix of the myriad of home education options this program is designed to help you navigate homeschool life and put foundations and strategies in place as well as provide the support and community that will help you thrive. 

There are so many things I wish I had known or worked through earlier in my homeschool journey. In this mentorship I will curate a growth journey. Rather than having to frantically search the interwebs for blogs, advice, ideas, inspiration, etc I will simplify the process and provide a comprehensive course on foundational practices, mentality shifts, logistics, inspiration, etc. When you subscribe you'll have access to ALL 86 videos and can choose which ones are relevant to you RIGHT NOW! As long as you're a subscriber you'll have access to the whole course. 

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Being a lifelong career educator one of my super powers is breaking concepts/ideas down into practical, actionable and manageable steps. 

In my years as a public school middle years teacher and now with over a decade of home education under my belt I have found that support makes all the difference. I hope you'll join our community and get the support you need to THRIVE as a home educator for however long you choose to pursue this lifestyle. 


The Wonder Mentorship has now moved fully onto this site as an Online Program. Once you subscribe you will have access to ALL modules right away. That's 86 video modules on a massive variety of topics. The course is now self directed and self paced meaning you can choose to watch as much or as little as you like each month and you can choose the topics that are most RELEVANT to you right now!

Check out the Modules at a Glance below. 

Important Note about Subscriptions: When you purchase a subscription you immediately have access to a large amount of digital content and thus all subscription purchases are non refundable. All users are responsible to manage their own use of the program and to ensure they can login. Refunds will not be given for "not using the program". 

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    All Access Pass Homeschool Mentorship
     30 day free trial
    • Full Access to 86 Homeschooling Video Modules
    • Self Directed Pace
    • Self Directed Order - Choose the most relevant modules
    • Non Refundable - access is instant thus there are no refunds

What Members Have to Say...

Monique's Wonder mentorship program has been a godsend for our family. I first stumbled across her Facebook account "Suddenly Homeschooling" during lockdown and have been following her posts ever since. When she announced that she was going to do a homeschool mentorship program I was definitely very curious. Her style has a very organic flow to it; a "no pressure", "no stress", "let's explore and learn" vibe. You can definitely tell she's put in her time as a public and homeschool teacher. The experience she brings and the endless tips have been amazing. Anyone who joins will absolutely benefit with her as a homeschool mentor. 

~ Amanda

I highly recommend Monique as a resource for those of you looking for a mentorship program and an engaging community! Monique's suggestions and principles she shares in this program are solid. And she is very approachable too if you have questions. Worth checking out!

~ Amber

This mentorship (beyond a doubt) was the best money I've spent on homeschooling to date.

~ Member

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