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My name is Monique and I'm the woman behind Wonder House Creative! I'm currently entering year 12 of home educating my 2 kids and it's been a blast! Before I dove into this world I was a middle years public school teacher. 

Creating fun and engaging lessons has always been one of my favourite aspects of teaching and I'm so fortunate to get to develop curriculum. You'll find that most of my resources are geared to middle and high school (because that's my jam!)

If you're looking for more of my resources you can also check out For the Love of Homeschooling Nature Study Club which I write for monthly!


Monique Willms
  • Chips dipped in ice cream are one of my all-time favourite snacks. #sweetandsalty

  • My first car was a poop brown Honda station wagon named Toby. He was a stick shift and he was awesome. 

  • My naming vehicles didn’t stop there, I also have a vintage camper named Elsie that we gutted and completely overhauled because… Pinterest.  Click this link to see the transformation over at Pocketful of Whimsy

  • I love taking online quizzes. “What Disney princess are you?” I totally wanna know that. 

  • I chose to be a junior high teacher - like I majored in it. That should tell you a little something about how my brain works ;)

  • Fishing is my jam and I will outfish you with my special pink hooks. 

  • Sawdust is one of my favourite smells in the world. 

  • Guilty pleasure? I don't feel guilty about any of them! Ha.  

  • Listening to sports being played on T.V. is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. I require my husband to watch NBA on mute. But I love watching it live in person!

  • My hidden talents consist of being able to push buttons insanely fast. Like so fast they don’t even register with the device. 

  • I vowed that I would never ever paint a wall white in my house and now ALL my walls are white. #neversaynever #givemeallthewhite

  • I have also said “never” about skinny jeans, choker necklaces, gold home accessories, and homeschooling so seriously #neversaynever


A Sprinkle of love...


This is one of my favourite unit studies of Monique's! (Well they all are really). It's interactive, full of fun facts and written in a way that speaks to teens and keeps them engaged. Science should be hands on! (re: Intro to Neuroscience)


Monique we are just loving this curriculum so much! It’s like just enough content to keep them engaged and it’s fun!! We were really liking a xxxxxxxx one we were doing, Buuut there was way too much reading to keep us interested. This is literally perfect! And the mix between art and activities with “writing/research” keeps it interesting as well! I’m sooo glad I found you! 



I cannot say enough good things about Monique's unit studies! I get just as excited about them as the kids do!


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